Laboratuvar alet ve teçhizatından yararlanılan projeler:

An Experimental Study about Determination of The Impact Level Differences Of The Perceıved Brand Equity Factors On X, Y, Z Generation Consumers Repurchase Decision by Applying Neuroimaging Methods, Electroencephalography And Eye Tracking Technique (Project Manager: Prof. Dr Sabiha KILIÇ, Project Researcher: Leyla BEZGİN)

An Experımental Study about Determination of Web Site Designing Features Which Are Effective on Consumers Tourist Purchasing Decision In Tourism Marketing By the Methods of Electroencephalograph and Eye Tracking From Technique of Neuroimaging (Project Manager: Prof. Dr Sabiha KILIÇ, Project Researcher: Yusuf ŞAHAN)

An Experimental Study On Analysis Of Differences Of The Effect Levels Of Mpower Policies On The Desire To Smoke Of The Young Smokers By Neuro Visualisation Techniques

An Experimental Study about Determining Irrational Consumer Behaviour Based on Brand Loyalty by Neuroimaging Methods: A Case Study of iPhone

An Experimental Study about Evaluating the Effects of Government's Obesity Corruption Policies by Neuro-Imaging Method Workshop Report

An Experimental Study on Investigating Purchase Decisions of Touristic Consumers about Touristic Product Depending on Website Design  Features

Hitit University Corporate Website Activity Analysis

Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry Corporate Website Activity Analysis